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Richard is currently directing a new play about Syria by Ahmed Masoud which opens at the New Diorama Theatre, Regents Place, London on 22nd June. Click here to see a flyer.

Richard lectures at Goldsmiths College in Radio Drama and Documentary and Musical Theatre production. He is also teaching playwriting at Warwick University. He is working with Dr Silvija Jestrovic on a research project - Warwick Playwriting. The project comprises workshops and seminars throughout the year, focussing on key dramaturgical problems in playwriting. A number of key playwrights will be invited to speak at Warwick and the documentation that arises out of the work will form the basis for a book.

Richard is leading a group of academics at Goldsmiths, exploring how the college can collaborate with higher education institutions in Burma. This follows Aung San Suu Kyi's request for more concrete links between British and Burmese universities.

Richard is also producing a new play about the crisis in Syria with playwright Ahmed Masoud. It is hoped the play will be performed in the summer of 2014.

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